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TIE-MY-TIE.NET has been created to act as a great guide for people wishing to learn how to tie a tie.

In order to make you able to tie your tie easily, we have listed the most common tying methods (Four in hand knot, Windsor knot, Half Windsor knot, and Pratt Knot) all in detailed steps with nice draws that will make tying your tie easier and faster!

Moreover, you will find many helpful tips that would answer your questions on how to tie a Bow tie? how to clean a tie? How to buy a tie? How to unite you tie? How to select tie accessories? And many other topics related to neckties!

Now let us introduce to you the main four tying methods that vary in the shape of the knot and its size, based on the fabric thicknesses of ties, the variety of collar shirts, and your personal preferences.


Four in Hand tie Knot 1- Four in Hand Knot (Simple tie knot) One of the most common and simple tying method, it is tends to be a bit narrow and longish in shape, suitable for all types of collars but not for the very wide spread ones!
2. Windsor Knot (Double Windsor knot) It does not look too wide or too narrow. The Pratt knot looks neat and it is suitable for most shirts and occasions.
3. Half Windsor Knot (Semi Windsor knot) This kind of symmetrical knot can be worn with any type of shirt especially the medium or regular spread.
4. Pratt Knot (Shelby Knot) It is a very wide and triangular knot that goes well with spread collar shirts.
5. Bow Tie A bow tie is usually worn along with a tuxedo according to the occasion. It represents a formal appearance and adds a taste of elegance.

























These are the main tying methods, after practicing; you would not have to ask others to tie your ties or to keep your ties united for months or maybe years!!!!




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